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Aleksandra Hryniewicz

I focus on the business and real property area.  Their interesting and complex nature draws my particular attention, because rapid development of these fields reflects the creativity of people who are operating in these fields.

The international character of contemporary economy allows me providing comprehensive legal advice to foreign companies, and working in English spoken by multinational clients.

For several years now, I have been constantly advising entrepreneurs and investors from Poland and abroad.  With enthusiasm I support them in achieving their business goals and development plans.

I offer legal assistance both, in large transactions related to the change of corporate ownership of business entities or various assets-related activities as well as in day-to-day commercial or business relations between the parties.

I advise my clients how to minimise legal risk related to the conclusion and performance of investment, project and trade contracts.  I prepare drafts of agreements, negotiate their provisions and monitor their proper interpretation.

I advise employers on hiring and firing employees and on solving ongoing legal problems in this field.  I ensure my clients to conduct their businesses with respect for employees’ rights and in accordance with the law.

I represent my clients in litigations concerning internal conflicts in companies, in disputes concerning contracts performance, and also I defend their interests before administrative courts.  I also represent them in proceedings before public administration authorities – in the field of construction law, real property management, land development, as well as in environment-related matters. +48 662 173 620
Trainee Attorney-at-Law

Marta Kreft-Kopicka

I focus on issues related to labour law, dealing, among others, with drawing up employment contracts and notices of termination, preparing internal regulations (work regulations, pay regulations and bonus schemes), solving issues related to employee groups protected by law (e.g. working mothers, pre-retirement age employees), as well as issues related to the employment relationship with minors, people with disabilities or foreigners.

I also provide legal assistance in civil law proceedings including legal representation of individuals in cases related to, among others, compensation and real property claims.

I provide legal advice and assistance in drawing up contracts and in inheritance proceedings.

In the field of civil law: I draw up agreements, assist in their conclusion, implementation and enforcement (in particular, in terms of obligations, compensations, ownership and possession rights). In the field of administrative law / court and administrative law: I draw up correspondence in the area of public administration, as well as in the proceedings before administrative courts (in particular, in the area of spatial development, real property management, construction law and other related matters). +48 662 173 620
About the Law Firm

Hryniewicz Attorneys-At-Law Law Firm

Hryniewicz Attorneys-At-Law Law Firm / Kancelaria Hryniewicz Radcowie Prawni has been started from a passion for law, business and real properties.  The goal of our activity is to propose such legal solutions which facilitate the achievement of business and investment goals.  We comprehensively look at enterprises, capital groups and companies of our clients, helping them to create and develop their businesses.  We always use individually developed paths of action.  We cooperate primarily with multinational corporations, assisting them in starting and running a business in Poland.  We provide legal services in English.

We cooperate with attorneys-at-law specialised in various, narrow legal fields.

Our core activity involves providing legal services to business entities (primarily with foreign capital) in trade sector, in all sectors in relation to real properties, as well as to production companies.  We also provide legal services for the hospitality industry and provide services for entrepreneurs operating in highly specialised services in various fields, for whom we create dedicated models of protection of their legal interests (including creative sector).

We accompany our clients in all transactions and business projects, including, in particular, the investment and construction process, residential and commercial property management and their trading.  We handle the transactions of acquisition/ sale of companies and enterprises and their organisational changes.  We support companies in the process of concluding business and trade contracts, starting from drafting the contracts, through their negotiation and supervision of their performance.

Hryniewicz Radcowie Prawni Law Firm also deals with the resolution of all commercial disputes, both at the judicial and pre-judicial stages.  We represent business entities in litigations, concerning not only the payment of overdue invoices, but above all, concerning complex disputes on various matters between large business entities.  Our priority is to conduct such disputes taking into account their economic and strategic viability.  While choosing appropriate legal solutions, we understand that business has its own set of rules. +48 662 173 620

Our style of work

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